Privacy Policy

Items of Personal Information to be collected
  We collect the personal information for registration, counsel, service, etc.… as mentioned below.
  - Private information to be collected: Name, Gender, Place of residence, Phone number, E-mail, Occupation, Name of the workplace, etc.
  - Personal Information Collection Methods: Web site (Pre-registration, Counsel, Online application)

  Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
  SIMTOS secretariat collects and uses personal information for the following purposes
  - For seminars, exhibitions, involved participants and visitors.
  Retention and Use Period for Personal Information
  In principle, after the purposes of collecting and using personal information has been fulfilled, SIMTOS secretariat shall, without delay, destroy relevant information; provided, however, that the following information shall be preserved during the specified period for the following reasons:

  - Retained information: Name, Gender, Address, Phone number, E-mail. Occupation, Number of workplaces
  - Reason for Information Retention: Responding to your inquiries and request concerning our products and services
  - Period of retention: Up to three (3) years (from the day we collect your information)

  Destruction Procedures and Methods for Personal Information
  SIMTOS secretariat, in principle, shall without delay, destroy relevant information after the purposes of collecting or using personal information have been fulfilled. The destruction procedures and methods shall be as follows:
  - Destruction Procedures: The information entered by members is moved to a separate database, after the purposes have been fulfilled (a separate document in the case of a sheet), and destroyed after the information has been saved for a certain period according to the information protection reasons under the internal policies or other relevant laws (see the retention and use period for reference). The personal information separately saved to a database is not used for purposes other than the purpose of being preserved unless it is so required by laws.
  - Destruction Methods: The personal information saved in an electronic file format shall be deleted with the use of technical methods in which records cannot be regenerated.

  Sharing and Provisions of Personal Information
  SIMTOS secretariat in principle shall not provide personal information of users; provided, however, exceptions shall be made following cases.
  - When the prior consent of users has been obtained.
  - When it is authorized under the laws or requested by investigative agencies for investigation.
  - Management affairs of personal information upon entrustment below.
   1. AKEI(Association of Korean Exhibition Industry): Entrustment for the Exhibition Certification.
   2. SYSFORU INC.: Entrustment for Visitor Registration

  Entrust for collecting personal information
  Without the consent of customers, the SIMTOS secretariat shall not delegate outside companies to treat the personal information of customers. If it becomes necessary to do so in the future, the SIMTOS secretariat shall notify customers of the delegated companies and delegated duties, and shall obtain prior consents if necessary.

  Rights of Users and Legal Representatives, and the Exercise Methods
  The users and legal representatives will have the right to change or check entered personal information or personal information under age 14 and may request to withdraw. We will handle the request for checking and changing personal information about users or the kids under age 14, the change of personal information or membership information via written file, telephone, or Email.
  We won't use or provide the relevant personal information before completing the modification when you put up the request for changing the mistake for personal information. SIMTOS secretariat shall notify the third party of modified places for amending promptly if the wrong personal information has been sent to the third party.
  SIMTOS secretariat will manage the personal information that users or legal representatives ask to delete or destroy based on the "keeping and using period for personal information" policy. Otherwise, the personal information is not able to be read or conducted.

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